Ivonne Verhagen (in the Country Line dance scene well known as Ivonne van Loon) is a fanatic line dance freak!

What began as a joke has led till two WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, obtained in Nashville (USA) as also in Edmonton (Canada). Now line dance has become the biggest activity in her life, in every possible way.

Next to participation at competitions, she look after private trainings, competition training for groups, dance demonstrations, workshops, workshops for the Dutch association: DCWDA, write columns, judging, and make her own choreographies which are well dances everywhere. etc.

After the theatre tour "Country Music Hall Of Fame" which could be seen in many theatres in the Netherlands and Belgium she became very successful with her group: "The Starlines"
They may call their selves World Champion Team Showcase!

Also with the category Choreography there are a number of titles: European Champion, Dutch Champion and also World champion! Ivonne wrote a lot of beautiful dances, and she is always busy to make some new awesome choreographies.

Together with Remco (Ivonne & Co) she give shows and workshops.
Remco is a young guy who is also a very fanatic line dance freak! He is also a good choreographer, and made also a few nice dances. I met Remco years ago, and he is also my best friend!

Together with Jo (Jolanda Schenk) Ivonne is very active with writing new dances.
The choreographers name is then: Jo & I. The dances already been danced all over the world.
Jo is also a fanatic dancer (all with the same dance madness). I met her in my first years of dancing, and we always keep in contact. During the years Jo became also a very good friend of mine and we have always a lot of fun!

Ivonne & Co are travelling around Europe to teach, judge and show their dances and to share their passion for dancing with other people!
Do you want to have more information, please contact Ivonne.

If you want to do some of their dances click on the button : “dances”.