REAL Country Line Dance Trinity with Ivonne van Loon
2 times World Champion Country Line Dancing
6 Unique DVD’s and one bonus CD
18 “new” dances are being introduced, with all music on the CD and a description of all steps in the booklet.

Price for 1 DVD: 17 Euros
Price for 2 DVD’s (out of one series): 34 Euros + third one for free
(out of the same series)
Shipping costs are included in the prices

If you want to order a DVD and/or if you should have any question, please send an e-mail to:
- Please mention the name of the DVD you want to order + which series
- And your own contact information

REAL Fun For Fans

In a hall full of fans and dancers, Ivonne does a workshop! Also on this DVD she's musically supported
"Live" by 5 different Country acts and again all 9 dances can be danced at the songs they perform.

Serie 1
Fun For Fans (black), Serie 2 Fun For Fans (purple):
fun 1 fun 2

REAL Line Dance Instructions

By use of 3 camera's the instructions can be followed very easily! all dances are being instructed by every detail of steps and movements and Ivonne shows and instructs a great number of tips and tricks to help you perform the dances even better!

Serie 1 Line Dance Instructions (blue), Serie 2 Line Dance Instructions (yellow):
instructions 1 instructions 2

REAL Country Music & Dance

Instructions will be given by Ivonne and steps will be showed by her and her dancers. The demonstration will be musically supported by 5 well-known Dutch Country acts such as Texas Renegade and Cash On Delivery!

Serie 1 Country Music & Dance (red), Serie 2 Country Music & Dance (green):
music 1 music 2